Bintan Mangrove

Embark on a back-to-nature adventure as you journey through the thick mangroves of Bintan along Sebung River. The dense foliage and interconnected roots of the trees naturally give rise to a thriving community of animals and plants. Witness the agile leaps of macaques and silver leaf monkeys, and colourful kingfishers as you sail across the mangrove jungle on the Mangrove Discovery Tour.


Sebung River is home to hundreds of wildlife and fauna species. The roots of the mangrove forest holds the soil firmly to the water bed, preventing soil erosion and safeguards the coasts of Bintan. Keep an eye out for mangrove snakes curled up on the trees that form a natural canopy above the meandering river. Monitor lizards also form part of the local community. Sebung River is also home to marine life such as fishes, mud skippers, clams and more. Spot the elusive mud lobsters that weave homes through the mounds. Learn to identify the different species of mangroves and how the river provides a livelihood for its local residents.


For another extraordinary experience, sign up for the night tour that departs daily at 7:30pm. Unlike in the day, the mangrove is serene and peaceful; the rippled river glistens under the pale moonlight. As your eyes adjust to the surrounding darkness, you will see the intermittent yet enchanting glow of dancing fireflies – the main highlight of the night tour. Remember to gaze up at the starry skies too, for such abundance is a spectacle you will hardly get to see in urban civilization.


Nestled in the Sebung River are some of the most delectable seafood options. Dine in restaurants on wooden stilts known as kelongs, and relish at freshly caught seafood of the day.


To experience the wonders of the Bintan Mangrove, check out Mangrove Discovery Tour (Day/Night) for more details.


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