Otak Otak Stalls

This infamous street snack, Otak Otak, commonly found all over Bintan, is highly addictive. Otak Otak is a simple snack made from a slab of prawn, squid or fish paste marinated with spices such as lemongrass and lime, wrapped in banana or coconut leaves and grilled over charcoal flames. It is extremely affordable at around Rp1000 to Rp2000 a piece, and we guarantee you that a piece is definitely not enough!


Otak also refers to “Brains”, the term Otak Otak is coined as such because the consistency of the fish paste in the dish is similar to that of mashed brains. For different versions of this delectable snack, try out the many street stalls near Kawal, located at the southern end of Trikora Coast.


Operation Hours:

*Individual stores have varied operating hours