라고이 비치

30 08, 2018

Live the island life at Lagoi Beach! The pristine coastal stretch is at 3.5-kilometre long and is only public beach in Bintan Resorts. Gear up for a wide variety of water sports such as kayaking, jet-ski and snorkelling. Build sandcastles, ...

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Bintan Weekend Market

13 02, 2019

Starting from 7th July 2018, an exciting line-up of cultural activities including Batik Painting and music performances, traditional snacks and intricate hand-made souvenirs awaits you every Saturday and Sunday at the Bintan Weekend Market. Make your way down to Plaza ...

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앙사나 빈탄

28 08, 2018

Along with committed planners, the venues of Angsana Bintan are fully-equipped to accommodate your meeting needs, whether you are organising a board meeting or conference. Insert team-building activities into the business itinerary and introduce participants to an unforgettable bonding experience ...

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빈탄 라군 리조트

27 08, 2018

Say ‘I DO’ in front of the majestic South China Sea.   With over 300 hectares of beachfront gardens on the tropical paradise of Bintan Island, Bintan Lagoon Resort offers possibilities galore for you to capture the most important day ...

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더 헤븐 빈탄

20 09, 2018

더 헤븐은 독특하고 찾기 어려운 라고이 베이의 최상의 위치에 자리하고 있습니다. 이 지역은 바다, 강, 호수로 이루어진 3 개의 깨끗한 원시의 수역에 둘러싸여 있으며, 세심한 배려와 구조로 고객이 항상 원해오던 휴가를 위한 안식처로 조성되었습니다.   이 숙소는 흠 잡을 ...

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