Quarterly Offers by Nirwana Gardens (April-June)

All-In Pass (April)

The All-in Pass is ideal for a vacation packed with fun and excitement. Enjoy more activities (including Archery, Air Rifle, Ninebot Circuit and more) for less the price!

Sedap Indonesian BBQ Buffet (19 May 2018)

Head to The Poolside Restaurant for the Sedap Indonesian BBQ Buffet—a lavish spread featuring favourite local dishes such as Satay Lilit, Lotek Bandung and Beef Rendang.

Beat-The-Clock Activity Hour (June)

Nirwana Gardens offers a long list of activities that will keep you entertained during your stay. Start your day early and enjoy 20% off activities from 11.30am to 1pm during the month of June.

Terms and Conditions apply.

For more deals, visit http://www.nirwanagardens.com/other-promotion/quarterly-offers/