Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm Welcomes Baby Orangutan “Bintan”!

It was a joyous occasion for Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm as Mummy Barito gave birth to her adorable firstborn son, Bintan, in the afternoon of the 1st of October.  Weighing a healthy 2 kilograms,  Baby Bintan joins the family of 2 Bornean orangutans and 2 Sumatran orangutans.


The delivery of the baby borneo orangutan (pongo pygmaeus) is the result of a successful collaborated breeding programme by the Indonesia Forestry Ministry, Indonesia Zoo Association and the establishment. The orangutans were repatriated back to Indonesia from Thailand and the birth of Bintan stands as a strong testimonial to the capabilities of Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm to provide proper animal care and conservation.


Opened in 27 February 2015, Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm serves as a refuge centre for endangered Indonesian fauna including Bornean and Sumatran orangutans, gibbons, elephants, sun bears, Komodo dragons, crocodiles, cassowaries, peacocks and other myriad aves species. The endangered species here are mainly rescued from illegal pet trade and exotic meat markets; they are deemed incapable of returning back to the wild.


Spanning over 25 hectares,  the area also features tropical crop plantations as well as a beautiful garden. Visitors can opt to join an educational Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm Tour that allows for exploration of the grounds, hands-on farming activities and a taste of the fresh produce at the end of the tour.


Visit adorable Baby Bintan at Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm and join in the conservation efforts now!