Destination Guide 2017 (Bahasa Indonesian)

15 June 2018

DESTINATION GUIDE This Destination Guide presents important must-knows of Bintan Island, including insider tips on the must-eats, must-try activities and must-visit sites within Bintan Resorts and beyond. For a side of Bintan you never knew, let the pages lead you to an unforgettable discovery round the island. Do also look out for the dining and spa discounts offered in the different pages across the guide! Available in 5 languages, pick up your copy ...

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Sail Away To A Kid-Friendly Island Holiday in Bintan Resorts!

8 August 2017

Parents are always on the lookout for holidays that cater to the whole family. From putting together a well-planned itinerary to ensuring that accommodation options are family-friendly, most people spend plenty of time researching options to ensure that everyone will have a great time. A solution to this sometimes-tedious process is none other than Bintan Resorts. Located on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Bintan, the multi-award-winning integrated tropical beach ...

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12 Adventure Activities in Bintan for Thrill-Seeking Newbies

19 December 2016

Ready for an adventurous getaway in Bintan? Take your pick of activities and start planning your trip! Beyond its white sandy beaches, the beautiful island of Bintan offers an extensive selection of action-packed activities – on land, water, and even in the air. This island is simply brimming with opportunities for exciting exploits, some of which we were lucky enough to try. Whether you are a ...

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5 Best Family-Friendly Resorts in Bintan

20 October 2016

Looking for somewhere to bring your family to for an awesome vacation? Head to Bintan Resorts for endless fun, laughter and adventure! Parents! If you’ve been cracking your head for ideas on where to bring your family for that next fun-filled holiday, stop right there! How about Bintan? The island is filled with resorts and lots of super fun activities, each more awesome than the last. However, with ...

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