Muslim Guide (Chinese)

15 June 2018

MUSLIM GUIDE The Muslim Guide to Bintan is produced in a joint-collaboration with CrescentRating and HalalTrip. Resorts and properties in Bintan, dining establishments and various family-friendly attractions have been audited and rated by CresentRating according to various level of Halal-friendliness. Available in English, Simplifed Chinese and Arabic language, download your copy today. Download

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There’s Something for Everyone at Bintan Resorts

27 March 2017

Whether you're planning a ladies' weekend, a guys' getaway, or a romantic retreat, there's something in Bintan for everyone. Situated a mere 60-minute catamaran ferry ride from Singapore, this idyllic island paradise has a wealth of entertainment options. Girl’s Weekend For ladies looking to catch up over cocktails or indulge in a weekend of luxurious spa treatments, there’s plenty to enjoy here. Start your girls’ getaway ...

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6 Ways to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Bintan

12 January 2018

Whisk your partner away for an unforgettable island getaway , where bespoke experiences of Bintan await. It’s been said that traveling together is one of the most important milestones in a relationship as shared experiences can help to foster a sense of closeness. Whether you’re looking to impress your date, celebrate an anniversary, or take a well-deserved break with a loved one, Bintan makes a wonderful travel destination. ...

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7 Reasons Why Bintan Is a Hot Spot for Nature Lovers

27 December 2017

The island is replete with natural sites, as well as native fauna and flora for all to explore. Despite being home to upscale resorts and private pristine beaches, Bintan is so much more than a weekend beach getaway. A trip to this Indonesian island will not be complete without a journey through its precious natural sites, which bloom with native fauna and flora. Travelers with a ...

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A Complete 3D2N Bintan Itinerary Perfect for Lazy Planners

30 March 2017

If you hate doing research, this itinerary has everything you need to know. In need of an idyllic escape away from the city but unwilling to do all that research? Well, if you’re looking for your next weekend getaway destination, then Bintan’s your best bet! Save yourself the headache and follow this 3D2N itinerary perfect for your next sojourn overseas. All the lazy planners out there ...

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