Nirwana Resort Hotel

20 February 2015

The Nirwana Resort Hotel invites its guests to panoramic views of the sea, pool or the garden. With 241 guest rooms, Nirwana Resort Hotel is well-furnished with modern amenities and facilities, as well a full range of activities to cater for families and guests with diverse interests and pursuits. Be spoilt for choices at the dining ensemble of restaurants and bars, that would satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. You are in for a fantastic ...

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Muslim Guide (Chinese)

15 June 2018

MUSLIM GUIDE The Muslim Guide to Bintan is produced in a joint-collaboration with CrescentRating and HalalTrip. Resorts and properties in Bintan, dining establishments and various family-friendly attractions have been audited and rated by CresentRating according to various level of Halal-friendliness. Available in English, Simplifed Chinese and Arabic language, download your copy today. Download

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Mayang Sari Beach Resort

20 February 2015

Leave the world behind you as you step into Mayang Sari Beach Resort, a rustic sanctuary within a cove on Bintan Island. Mayang Sari translates beautifully into "the essence of palm blossoms" - be enchanted by the allure of nature in its untouched beauty. Every air-conditioned chalet within Maya Sari Beach Resort comes with a private veranda of a garden or sea view. Take in whiffs of the fresh sea breeze, and bask in the ...

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Nirwana Beach Club

20 February 2015

Look no further than the Nirwana Beach Club for a rustic beachfront hideaway. Brightly-colored and spacious, the thatched-roof chalets are lined in a timeless village-style concept; rooms are completely furnished with contemporary designs and amenities. Elevate the wellness experience of the young ones with a glimpse of livelihood back then. The Nirwana Beach Club offers a wide range of options to tailor to the needs of every single guest. Leave with memories of the perfect ...

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Hot Pot & Asian Grill Opens at Nirwana Gardens

9 February 2018

Featuring elegance with see-through glass windows and a sophisticated indoor ambiance, the new Hot Pot & Asian Grill at Nirwana Gardens creates the perfect setting for get-togethers, meaningful family bonding or even just a comforting meal. A separate room is available for those who prefer a private dining experience with a divine garden-view, whereas those who prefer the outdoors can dine on the patio. For more updates ...

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