The Sanchaya

30 January 2018

The Sanchaya Bintan sits on pristine sands of Lagoi Bay and reveals a world like no other. Guests are greeted by a dedicated VIP check-in lounge that ensures hassle-free immigration upon arrival in Bintan. Enjoy unparalleled luxury and privacy on the beachfront estate of 13 villas and 17 suites; expect quintessentially refined service standards leveled to that of artisans which will cater to your every need. Come and experience the hospitality of The Sanchaya for ...

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Grand Lagoi Hotel

30 January 2018

True to its name, Grand Lagoi Hotel boasts a 132-room property with tastefully designed and spacious Deluxe and Grand Deluxe guest rooms. Strategically located next to Plaza Lagoi, the resort also overlooks the stunning Lagoi Beach, the serene Lake Lagoi and mesmerizing bay views of the South China Sea. Grand Lagoi Hotel promises its guests to experience both the contemporary and the rustic side of Bintan. With its wide array of facilities available, such as ...

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The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway, Bintan Resorts

8 August 2017

With its deep blue waters and white sand beaches, the multi-award winning Bintan Resorts offers the escape that we all dream of. It also comes with accommodations that guests with an appreciation for the finer things in life can enjoy. Other than its beauty, what makes Bintan so enticing is that it’s easily accessible. Residents of Indonesia can take a flight from Jakarta, Medan, and Pekanbaru, ...

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Sail Away To A Kid-Friendly Island Holiday in Bintan Resorts!

8 August 2017

Parents are always on the lookout for holidays that cater to the whole family. From putting together a well-planned itinerary to ensuring that accommodation options are family-friendly, most people spend plenty of time researching options to ensure that everyone will have a great time.A solution to this sometimes-tedious process is none other than Bintan Resorts. Located on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Bintan, the multi-award-winning integrated tropical beach resort houses ...

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