Editor’s Choice – Top 5 Favourite Photo Spots in Bintan

12 May 2020

Best memories of a well-deserving vacation come in the form of photographs, from the amazing views to delicious cuisine. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and what better way to reminisce on a great vacation than a gallery of great photos?   Photographers and Instagram shutterbugs can look forward to making wonderful memories in Bintan. The endless range of water and land activities, wondrous ...

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5 Traits of a Good Travel Companion

6 May 2020

A group of friends mesmerising Bintan's coastal beach Amidst the current COVID19 situation and with the world under lockdown, you can still plan for your next travel destination as something to look forward to. Of course, we don’t recommend for you to travel now. Instead, we’re here to provide tips for your next travel plans in the months and years ahead. Before selecting your destination, we recommend you to ...

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8 Local Must-eats on Your Next Visit to Bintan

24 September 2019

No visit to Bintan is complete without a feast of Indonesia’s most well-loved local fare and snacks. Let this list guide you as you dine your way through the different regions of the idyllic island. North Bintan – Bintan Resorts An award-winning, integrated resort destination, Bintan Resorts is home to world-class resorts, designer golf courses, and an array of reactional facilities and attractions. Taking up the entire ...

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4 Fun Ways to Soak Up Summer at Bintan Resorts

23 July 2019

Crystal-clear waters, golden shores, and stunning beachfront resorts are the makings of the perfect summer vacation, and you’ll find all of that and more at Bintan Resorts. Sunset at Grand Lagoi Hotel by Nirwana Gardens. A mere hour-long ferry ride from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is all it takes to travel from the sunny city-state of Singapore to the island paradise of Bintan, a ...

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Destination Guide 2017 (Chinese)

15 June 2018

DESTINATION GUIDE This Destination Guide presents important must-knows of Bintan Island, including insider tips on the must-eats, must-try activities and must-visit sites within Bintan Resorts and beyond. For a side of Bintan you never knew, let the pages lead you to an unforgettable discovery round the island. Do also look out for the dining and spa discounts offered in the different pages across the guide! Available in 5 languages, pick up your copy ...

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