Ria Bintan’s 20th Anniversary – Special Edition Golf Carnival 2018

10 08, 2018

Championship golf in the most stunning of backdrops. Who’s up for the challenge & great prizes?!   Come October of this very special 20th anniversary year, Ria Bintan will mark this proud milestone with a 2-day golf carnival and festivities ...

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30 08, 2018

Live the island life at Lagoi Beach! The pristine coastal stretch is at 3.5-kilometre long and is only public beach in Bintan Resorts. Gear up for a wide variety of water sports such as kayaking, jet-ski and snorkelling. Build sandcastles, ...



14 08, 2018

六月湾占地约1300公顷,被誉为“民丹岛之心”。该区域汇聚了各种美食和餐饮场所,可满足所有口腹之欲。品尝风味十足的仁当牛肉和炸香蕉奶酪等当地美食,或者大嚼最新鲜的海鲜大餐,尽情享用各种国际美食。   在阳光下度过愉快的一天,顺便享用各种美食——六月湾设有六月湾购物广场、六月湾海滩、六月湖 和众多的景点如六月湾灯笼公园 和 Rumah Imaji (奇幻屋)。



28 08, 2018

Along with committed planners, the venues of Angsana Bintan are fully-equipped to accommodate your meeting needs, whether you are organising a board meeting or conference. Insert team-building activities into the business itinerary and introduce participants to an unforgettable bonding experience ...