Bude Nino Ayam Presto

Located in Central Bintan, near the foot of Gunung Bintan lies a small family owned eatery that serves a delightful local delicacy – Ayam Presto, fried chicken with a unique twist.

Enjoy a simple lunch at Bude Nino Ayam Presto and try out their signature Ayam Presto! Ayam Presto is fried chicken marinated and cooked with a special blend of ingredients (it can only be revealed that there’s ginger, turmeric and some other spices) over long hours, and then deep fried till crispy and golden. The long cooking time makes the chicken extremely tender, and bones are soft enough to eat! Here, you can literally finish your ENTIRE meal off the plate.


This unique soft bone chicken has delighted the taste buds of travellers from all over the world with its crispy skin and tender juicy meat. The next highlight of the meal is definitely the sambal chilli! It packs a powerful punch with a pleasant mild fragrance while complimenting the chicken. Aside from the fried chicken, the menu offers an assortment of other dishes as well, such as omelette and stir-fried kangkong.


Operation Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 8:00pm


Add: Bintan Buyu, Teluk Bintan, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands 29133, Indonesia