Galleries of Dekranasda Kabupaten Bintan

Art in Bintan strongly reflects the rich culture and heritage of the island.  A pool of talented artists sits here; the Galleries of Dekranasda Kabupaten Bintan in Kijang. 


Native islanders convert easily accessible but “worthless” materials to beautiful creations.  Browse through the gallery and be amazed by intricate ship models made from fish bones and skin. Beautiful ornaments and brooches are also produced using fish scales. Seashells, including Gong Gong shells are used to construct bike models, vases, mirrors and even lamps. Pose under the exquisite cherry blossom tree made from fish scales at the gallery in Kijang!


A technique of wax-resist dying applied to cloth produces the famed Batik fabric which can also be found at the galleries.



Galleries of Dekranasda Kabupaten Bintan (Kijang)

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 3:00pm
Ramadan: Closed
Hari Raya Idul Fitri: Closed


Add:  Gedung Lam Bintan Kelurahan Kijang Kota Kecamatan Bintan Timur

Tel: +62 (852) 6456 7716

Email: remonroxis@gmail.com