Gedung Gonggong

Newly constructed, Gedung Gonggong serves as a Tourism Infomation Centre and is the icon of Tanjung Pinang. This unique building façade is designed to resemble the shell of the Gonggong. A sea snail found in waters surrounding Bintan, Gonggong is a popular local delicacy enjoyed with flavourful sauces after it is boiled or steamed.


The Gonggong building sits majestically at Laman Boenda (Mother’s Promenade), an open community space that offers beautiful sea views; watch as the sun disappears below the horizon with Pulau Penyengat in the foreground. This is a great relaxation spot with a children’s playground and manicured green spaces. Upcoming developments of the town including a floating mosque can be spotted from here. The cluster of facilities, magnificent buildings and beautiful landscapes draws both locals and tourists alike.


Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday

9:00am – 8:00pm


Add: Tepi Laut Tanjung Pinang