Senggarang Village

Accessible by a 45-minute drive by land or a short 15-minute pompong (water taxi) ride from Tanjung Pinang and best combined with a tour to Pulau Penyengat, Senggarang Village is a respite from the hectic city centre. With stilt houses lining its coast, this rustic village is believed to be the first settlement for ethnic Chinese immigrants (mostly Teochews) who travelled to Bintan in the 1700s and is home to some of Bintan’s oldest temples.

Soak up the Riau Archipelago’s Chinese culture and heritage as you visit two of Senggarang’s most famed landmarks; the temple complex of Lau Ya Keng and the striking structure of the 200-year-old Banyan Tree Temple.

In this sleepy village where everyone seems to know each other, the residents are very hospitable to visitors. Explore through the winding paths of distinctive houses and stalls selling old school tidbits and local snacks like Keropok or prawn fritters fried to crispy golden perfection. Notice the mirrors positioned on top of the door of the houses; the Chinese believe this will deflect negative energy and evil spirits.

A walk down the jetty will reward you with scenic views of two other landmarks of Bintan over water-Tanjung Pinang and Pulau Penyengat.