White Sands Island

White Sands Island, also known as Pulau Beralas Pasir, is a private island located off the eastern Trikora Coast of Bintan Island, just a 15 minutes boat ride from Trikora Km. 38.


The island is perfect for a day trip to a private haven. Enjoy a line-up of exciting, exclusive programs that can be customised for holiday-makers of various ages at White Sands Island. On this private island, Sunfish Cove offers snorkelling and scuba diving trips and/or courses during which you get to admire the lovely marine life in deep blue Bintan. Other activities such as beach soccer, volleyball, kite flying and Frisbee make for plenty of fun in the sun.


The island also actively takes part in conservation for baby turtles. On top of building a sanctuary for baby turtles and protecting turtle eggs, an annual event, Save Our Seas, is also held to clean up the seabed and conduct beach clean-ups with the support of volunteer divers, nearby resorts and local schools.


Add: White Sands Island, Jln. Wisata Bahari, Trikora km. 38, 29151 Tanjungpinang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 (822) 7772 9988

Email: beralaspasirisland@gmail.com