10 Tips And Hacks For Your Next Family Beach Trip In Bintan

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, most people have been spending the past few months staying put at home and carrying out daily mundane activities. As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic and enters a “New Normal”, it is not uncommon if you feel like rewarding yourself with some beach therapy and get a good dose of vitamin sea!


Before heading down to these pristine beaches, here are 10 handy beach DIYs and hacks to help you make sure you are prepared for the sun, sand and sea to make your trip fuss-free and pleasantly memorable.


1. Bubbles fun for the kiddos, create big bubbles with an old unused water bottle!

What you need:

  • Old unused plastic or rubber water-bottle
  • Hand drill-driver
  • Water
  • Dish-soap
  • Plate / Shallow Bowl


Drill a hole with a hand drill-driver on the bottom of the old water bottle. You may also use a screwdriver, pen-knife or scissor to manually make the opening. Next, prepare the bubble solution by mixing 2 parts of water with 1 part of dish soap and pouring the mixture into your dish. Dip the mouth of the water bottle into the soap mixture and gently blow into the tiny hole from the other end to create amazing big bubbles!



And… there you have it! Credits to Country Mouse Lifestyle for this innovative idea!


2. Frozen summer juice cooler to quench your thirst.



Image courtesy from T-Studio 2020


With the hot weather and perspiration going on, hydration is key. Pack your favourite summer juice cooler in a portable zip-lock bag and freeze it the night before, this will keep your refreshments cold and slushy. The perfect way to cool off the heat at the beach!

3. Do-It-Yourself beach mat for a comfortable sun-tanning experience.



Video credit to T-Studio 2020


Getting yourself comfortable is a must if you’re spending long hours at the beach. For the perfect sun-tanning experience, this pillow-towel combo is every beach-goers’ dream come true. Simply take an oversized towel, fold a quarter in and stitch the edges before putting a pillow in. Easy-peasy!

4. Disguise your valuables by storing them in empty food or soap containers.


Tired of being the valuables keeper at the bay? There could be moments when you have to be away from your station just to have fun. Well, fret not because this beach hack will save the day.


Stash your cash and valuables in empty food or soap containers to deter thieves.


Image courtesy from Happy Moms Hacks


Leave nobody behind and join in the fun, your valuables are kept safe (unless the thief knows this trick too, so please do so at your own risk :))

5. A hassle to drain the clumpy sand off your sandcastle tools? Mesh bag to the rescue.


Video credit to T-Studio 2020


Don’t you just hate cleaning up after beach activities especially when there’s sand lingering on your sandcastle tools, beach ball and just laying everywhere? A mesh bag will be particularly handy to help sifts the sand, leaving them where they belong instead of trailing it to your car or home.

6. Get rid of sand grains on you effortlessly with baby powder.


It’s a lovely day to be spending the day at the beach but it can be quite bothersome with all the wet sand latching onto you which is so hard to get rid of. Here’s another genius beach hack to eliminate sand off you.


Photo by Agathè Yosefina on Unsplash


All you need is a clean sock half-filled with baby powder! Make sure you fasten the sock with a band or ribbon to prevent the powder from falling out. The powder helps to absorb the seawater, making it easy to remove so use this to dab away the excess sand on your body and let it work its magic! Best beach hack ever.

7. Waterproof your phone with a ziplock bag for insta-worthy beach shots.


Image courtesy from Biscayners


Worried about getting your phone wet and messy? Waterproof your phone by putting it in a resealable ziplock bag for easy access. Touchscreen function still works through the plastic so go ahead and snap amazing beach photos with the added protection from the sea and sand. Just be sure to ensure the bag is secured tight!

8. Imprint your mark on the beach with this cool trick.


Video credit to T-Studio 2020


Leave a trail of your own signature markings on the beach by applying some hot glue on the soles of your beach sandals. A simple hack that could also aid the needy parents to help locate the running children at the beach too.

9. Collect sand from the beach as keepsake and DIY a beach sand art checklist.


Other than collecting seashells as precious keepsakes, how about collecting sand and create yourself a beach sand art checklist? You will love this idea adopted from Travel Channel. Check out below on how to create this beautiful memorable art piece.


Video credit to Travel Channel


How many beaches have you been to thus far? #Funfact: Most beach sand color range from pale cream to golden to caramel, however some beaches can be of a different color like red, orange, purple, green, and black. In Bintan, you will be able to witness powdery light sand on the many beaches.

10. Bad sunburns? Frozen Aloe Vera cubes will do the trick.


Image courtesy from Pinterest


Forgot to apply your sunscreen lotion and exposed to too much sun resulting in bad sunburns? Aloe vera is known to have amazing healing properties that also help to soothe burns so it’s less painful. Pop some aloe vera gel into your ice cube trays and freeze them overnight. You’ll be in shape in no time!


Don’t let the fear of sand or the heat from the weather get the better of you. With these useful tips and tricks, you are now ready to hit the beach at Bintan paradise and make some fond memories. Seas the day!