5 Things to Look Forward to When Travelling in the New Normal

COVID-19 caused a massive impact to our daily lives and almost everything that we’ve come to know as normal. With all the new precautionary measures and restrictions, the current world is a significantly different place from a year ago.


Leisure travel may be on pause now, but with proper care and measures in place, we look forward to new discoveries and explorations beyond the travel restrictions. Allow your weary COVID work-from-home soul to indulge in some musings of travelling to a tropical paradise in the New Normal.


1. Increased Hygiene & Sanitisation Practices

With the arrival of the New Normal, increased hygiene and sanitisation practices are now a part of our everyday lives. Wearing of face masks and increased cleaning frequencies will be the first things to expect no matter where you are travelling to. These tightened measures not only bring about prevention of COVID-19 but also improved hygiene levels throughout your holiday.




On-board Bintan Resort Ferries, visitors can expect alternate seating arrangements, cleaning of all passenger touch-points and temperature screening of passengers and crew for a safe and enjoyable journey. At the ferry terminal, signage and markings for physical distancing are put up as well.




Cleaning and disinfection frequencies are also heightened at attractions and public areas such as the check-in area for Mangrove Tours, Safari Lagoi, Pujasera Food Centre and worship houses. With the strict implementation of health protocols, visitors can enjoy their long awaited vacation with a peace of mind.


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2. Villa-livin’


Individuals who prefer to have a wider range of personal facilities to minimise interaction with the outside world, Bintan Resorts has a wide range of villa options available. Take your pick from private pool and BBQ facilities to stunning sea views for families and young couples alike. Enjoy a slice of Bintan Resorts in the sanctuary of your own private space.


Nestled in the eastern quarter of Lagoi Bay, this villas only resort, Holiday Villa Pantai Indah offers the best of idyllic island life coupled with modern luxuries, intricate Balinese-style details and contemporary furnishings. With 1- and 2-Bedroom Villa options, this resort is perfect for families or a group of friends looking for a quiet escapade together.



Guests can enjoy exclusive family time at Holiday Villa Pantai Indah with a private pool and a BBQ within their own villa. On top of hanging out at the gazebo right by the pool, guests can also have some late night drinks over the bar counter in the comfort of their own villas.



For young couples or second honeymooners looking for absolute privacy, perched on a cliff and nestled in a verdant landscape is Banyan Tree Bintan. The resort offers spectacular views of the South China Sea stretching into the horizon in the comforts of your own villa. Indulge in the tranquility of the resort island life and be pampered at the award-winning luxury Banyan Tree spa.



Families looking for a view can expect a dream-like vacation at Indra Maya Pool Villa. With 8 private villas, each facing the South China Sea and offering dazzling views of the Bintan coast. Each villa comes with a private pool and maximum privacy as you take in the views and relax in a small group setting with family or friends.


Personal check-in service by the Guest Relations Team and a personal buggy brings your vacation to the next level of lux. Wind down a relaxing day as Mother Nature spins wonder in colours across the skies right in front of you.


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3. Seeking Mother Nature


In a bid to escape from crowds, a retreat into nature would be an ideal travel activity. Be it a hike up to the highest summit of Bintan Island, a journey into the mangroves or a private island experience, take your pick from various activities available for a day back to nature.



Be treated to a private island experience at White Sands Island. Located 15 minutes boat ride off the eastern Trikora Coast of Bintan Island, White Sands Island is perfect for a private island day trip. Enjoy a day of exciting, exclusive programs that can be customised for holiday-makers of various ages. Choose from snorkelling and scuba diving trips to admire the lovely marine life in deep blue Bintan or land based activities such as beach soccer, volleyball, kite flying and Frisbee for plenty of fun in the sun.



Standing at 340metres, Gunung Bintan offers a panoramic bird’s-eye view of Bintan Island – a great reward after a 2 to 4 hours trek. Indulge in the nature around you on the way up and on the way down as Gunung Bintan is home to ancient trees up to 40-metres tall and animals like silver leaf monkeys, sun birds, eagles and more. The trek is suitable for beginners and would be a great experience for first-time trekkers.



Indulge in remarkable sights and sounds of the beautiful Sebung River on the Mangrove Discovery Tour. The thick mangroves bring you on a journey back to nature with its dense foliage and thriving community of wildlife. Witness the agile leaps of macaques and silver leaf monkeys, and colourful kingfishers as you sail down the mangrove river. Keep an eye out for mangrove snakes curled up on the trees that form a natural canopy above the meandering river or monitor lizards sunbathing in the open.


For an entirely different experience, join the Mangrove Discovery Night Tour and wonder at the glow of fireflies under the blanket of the dazzling night skies. Unlike in the day, the mangrove is serene and peaceful; the rippled river glistens and comes to life with the twinkle of fireflies.


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4. Exploring lesser known Bintan


When it comes to seeking vast spaces away from crowds, we would recommend taking a trip to Trikora Coast. Imagine pearly white beaches with an endless view of the South China Sea, a sacred Catholic site hidden in plain sight and a local Italian eatery by the beach. The best time to visit would be on the weekdays as these local spots can get pretty crowded over the weekends.



Start the day with a drive to Trikora Coast Point 4, the beautiful eastern coastline of Bintan Island, where you can enjoy a brief dip in the dreamy blue waters or cool down with a fresh coconut after a stroll along the pristine beaches.



A 10-minute drive away lies the Grotto Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cave), a sacred Catholic site that is said to be built by a French priest in the 1960s. Follow the meandering trail brings you through the 14 Stations of the Cross, which also leads to a quaint chapel beside the Maria Cave where locals gather on the weekends for Mass. Word has it that newer parts of this site are completed by refugees from Vietnam.


Wrap up the day trip with freshly made Italian pizza from a traditional wood-fired oven flown in from Italy at Pizza Casa Italia. The traditional Italian family-run pizzeria serves a variety of local-infused flavours such as Pizza Telur (eggs), Pizza Cabe (chilli), Pizza Jagung (corn) and Pizza Cornet (corned beef), or traditional toppings such as mushroom, chicken and cheese. This charming rustic pizzeria is located right on a beautiful beach. Enjoy the freshly baked goodness with an unbeatable view for an extra wonderful end to the day.


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5. Feeling of exclusivity



Capacity for vehicles tours and activities are reduced due to physical distancing measures in the New Normal. With these safety measures in place, visitors can enjoy their tours or activities with a sense of security away from crowds and a low risk of exposure.


Find the tour for you, or customise your own: Tours & Day Passes in Bintan


In the past few months as the world came to a standstill, the staff and management behind Bintan Resorts got busy. We’ve reviewed all the guidelines and procedures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and set up all necessary measures. We look forward to return to providing the best of our services for our guests to enjoy the best of Bintan in the New Normal.