5 Traits of a Good Travel Companion

A group of friends mesmerising Bintan’s coastal beach

Amidst the current COVID19 situation and with the world under lockdown, you can still plan for your next travel destination as something to look forward to. Of course, we don’t recommend for you to travel now. Instead, we’re here to provide tips for your next travel plans in the months and years ahead. Before selecting your destination, we recommend you to have some thoughts on choosing your travel companion as this can shape your whole experience.


Hanging out at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Emerald Lounge
  1. A Good Attitude
Hanging out at The Sanchaya pool area

When you travel with a friend or a family member, there are going to be times when both of you want to do something different. The ability to compromise is an important quality to have in a travel companion.  Not only that, a good travel companion knows how to remain positive and keep their composure during stressful moments. If your potential travel companion is a constant source of drama and annoyance at home, you can be sure they will be same during your holiday. Find a travel companion with a good attitude so your holiday will not be ruin by him/her.


  1. Punctual
Time is of the essence

They say time is of the essence and indeed you definitely want a travel companion who is always on time, for e.g., arriving at the meeting point on time so you won’t miss anything on a tour program, and catching the transport on time. Being late for a scheduled ferry and creating a possibility of missing it, might end up with you unnecessary spending money to buy a replacement ticket. Choose a comfortable timing that suits everyone to ensure that there’s no chances of anyone being late. You don’t want to get your holiday ruin by consistently waiting for your companion who ends up late most of the time and doesn’t respect your time.


  1. Similar Eating Habit

Eating at Lagoi Bay’s Wareong Cek Bakar

Having different opinions on meals can wear you down after a long period of time. Before the trip, you have already set your mind on trying local Indonesian food but your travel companion isn’t a fan of local food and because of this, you aren’t able to experience the delicious local delights that everyone is raving about. Some people must have their meals at a stipulated timing, or have coffee in the late afternoon, while others are flexible to go with the flow. All these factors can affect your whole holiday experience. Discuss your eating style or preferences with your companion before the trip to manage expectations and decisions. There are things that need deciding — where to eat, a willingness to try a new cuisine or stay someplace another night just to experience something new.


  1. Agree on How to Manage Money During Trip
 Fighting over money is never a good idea

There are two main types of travellers when it comes to money – the budget traveller and the extravagant traveller. Having a travel companion whom you can agree with on what travel style is important and, of course, money is a sensitive topic. Chalk out a clear budget before the trip and decide how you are going to pay and who pays for what. Before the start of the trip, have a separate stash with equal contribution for certain payment scenarios. If your finances are laid out straight and everyone are on the same wavelength, your trip will not be disrupted and will have a great time together.


  1. Culturally Sensitive
Having fun with local children at Berakit, Bintan’s largest sea gypsies village

Being respectful of other cultures and customs is equally important when visiting some places. It is a bonus for you if your travelling companion is interested to learn some local phrases, observe local customs and try local cuisine with an open mind as it makes the trip will more enjoyable and knowledgeable for you both. You do not want to travel with someone who criticize and disrespect local culture. These all can cause you awkward situations and massive problems.


And there you have it. We hope our suggestions can help you to consider the best travel companion for yourself. Have patience, stay positive and stay safe! We hope to see you soon here in Bintan!