5 Ways To Repurpose Your Batik Scarf For A Beautiful New Look

With travel restrictions across the globe, we are all looking forward to the day when we can finally set foot on the pristine sandy beaches in Bintan to come sooner. While we anticipate the day when we get our wanderlust fix, how about brightening your day by dressing and rocking in Bintan style with traditional batik-print scarves?


Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dye applied to whole-cloth and fabrics. The tradition of batik making can be found in various countries; the batik of Indonesia, however, may also be the best-known. In different regions of Indonesia, the batik patterns and motifs vary in diverse forms which are influenced by a variety of cultures and traditions. Keep an eye out for the distinctive batik motif in Bintan, Riau Islands Province was inspired by the mascot of Bintan Regency, a dugong which inhabits the Kawal waters in Tanjung Berakit. 


Image courtesy of Info Batik


Do you own one of these beautiful batik scarves that might be hidden away in your closet drawer due to the hot weather or just simply not putting them on very often? In this article, we will be exploring 5 ingenious ways you can upcycle and repurpose Bintan batik scarves for other functional uses. These vibrant multi-coloured fabrics offer many other possibilities on top of wearing them.


1. Handy & Attractive Scarf Straps (Bag wrapped handles/Camera strap/ Watchband)

Apart from just being a decorative element, give your favourite bags a new vibe by wrapping an attractive multi-coloured scarf around the bag handles. Upcycle your scarf to create numerous styles with this nifty tutorial below. 


Video courtesy of Pinterest


Depending on the size of your scarf, a medium-sized scarf may also be repurposed into a new watch strap or a camera strap too.


Image courtesy of Country Living


Video courtesy of Travel Channel


2. Out-of-the-box batik sundresses and apparels in various styles!

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories to liven up one’s look. There are a million possible ways a scarf can be worn and these transformations will blow your mind! 


Basic Scarf Dress, image courtesy of As The Style Turns




Amazing DIY scarf top & dresses invention by @Brisagastyle


A scarf worth every penny! What do you think of these cool hacks? You may also check out this video and Knot Just A Scarf for tutorials on how to turn your scarf to a brand new look! Try them at home and don your new outfit today. 

3. Transform your pair of flip-flops into bright gladiator sandals!

Level up your ordinary sandals and transform it into the perfect summer tribal-inspired beach gladiator sandals! All you need is a plain pair of sandals, batik or any multi-coloured scarf and scissors. 


Images courtesy of She Knows


After giving it a brand new look, your flip flop is now more comfortable and secured. You may also don it with different colours simply by changing out with another scarf. Time to hit the beach! 

4. New hairdo ideas with a single scarf for the ladies.

Looking for creative hairdo inspirations? With just an average-sized scarf, you can create numerous brilliant and elegant looks. Achieve a casual messy bun or a bohemian look with a versatile hair scarf. Pick up a few tips and tricks from some of these gorgeous examples below. 


Image courtesy from Pinterest


Image courtesy of How To Wear Fashion


Video Courtesy of Vera Casagrande


For more inspirations on effortless styling, feel free to check out Vera Casagrande and How To Wear Fashion’s ingenious references. 

5. Repurpose scarves into a new pillow-case.

Plentiful of scarves balled up in your drawer or spilling out of your closet? We all have soft-spots when it comes to pretty vibrant scarves but storage may pose a problem when you have too many of them. To make space for your new stash without getting rid of your old ones, you may consider repurposing your least favourite scarves into a new pillowcase.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


Here are two different tying methods to create new pillow-cases and add a pop of style to your communal areas!



Video courtesy of Home Talk


With this many awe-spiring ideas, you will no longer feel guilty buying yet another batik scarf you caught your eyes on. Next time you have any old or unused scarves, consider these ideas to repurpose and put them to new uses!