Editor’s Choice – Must-Dos in Bintan for 5 Different Travellers

Depending on travel needs and preferences, everyone has a different focus when they are on vacation. Here, we bring you different activities for various travellers.

1. The Foodie

Foodies be prepared to go on a gastronomic adventure with your taste buds! At Rimba Jaya, choose from savoury local delights at Cangkir Hawker Centre, authentic Korean and Japanese cuisine at Tomo Japanese Restaurant, or simply enjoy street food at the night market. Some of our favourites include Goreng Pisang Keju (fried banana fritters topped with grated cheese), Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice noodles) and Seafood Bakar (assorted grilled seafood).


Leave some space for dessert at Loco café, a container café that serves Taiwanese iced concoctions. Or grab a drink or post-meal coffee at The Canopy café amidst colourful tropical murals.



A carpark in the day, Akau Potong Lembu transforms into an open-air hawker centre at sundown with rows of food stalls and carts. It is a popular spot amongst locals for the cheap and delicious local fare. From ice Chendol to satay to assam ikan, the options are endless! Be sure to head over on an empty stomach.


2. The Adventurer

For dare-devil souls looking for an adventure, Bintan has a wide array of water and land activities for you to choose from.


At Lagoi Beach, take your pick from water activities such as kayaking, paddle-boarding, snorkelling or just a simple swim at Lagoi Beach.

If you are looking for more action-packed activities, head to Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan. Take your pick from wakeboarding, waterskiing or even take flight on the 7.5m Slip & Slide or Jetovator over the clear azure waters of Crystal Lagoon.


For individuals that are planning to pick up diving as a new hobby, White Sands Island is the perfect private getaway for you and your travelling crew. Learn to dive with the DIWA certified professional instructors at the calm and clear waters of White Sands Island and the nearby Bintan Black Coral.

If water-based activities is not your thing, fret not! Standing at 340metres, Gunung Bintan offers a panoramic bird’s-eye view of Bintan Island after a trek between 2 to 4 hours. Gunung Bintan is home to ancient trees up to 40-metres tall and animals like silver leaf monkeys, sun birds, eagles and more. Indulge in the nature around you on the way up and on the way down, hikers can take a dip at a pool called “Kolam Puteri” or Princess’s Pool.


3. The Shutterbug

 Photographers are in for a treat at Bintan! From nature to street photography, Bintan has much to offer. Travelling through the east and west coasts of Bintan, naturally formed sand dunes and glistening turquoise lakes, local fishing villages and pearly white beaches await.

At the eastern tip of Bintan Island lies the largest sea gypsy village in Berakit, Panglong Village. Here, the sea gypsies’ way of life has been preserved for hundreds of years. The rustic charm of local villages transports you back in time as the labyrinth of stilt houses provides a peek into the lifestyle of the inhabitants at every corner.



A drive along the Trikora Coast will bring you to local boatmakers and the pearly white beaches of Trikora.


(Photo via @nadiamaya)


After the extraction of sand was prohibited in Bintan Island, Gurun Pasir Busung and Telega Biru was left untouched and transformed into a charming desert sandscape under the magical hands of nature. The impressive sand dunes form desert-like terrain coupled with emerald lagoons are a sight to behold; they make fantastic backdrops to your next insta-worthy profile picture.


(Photo via @jjeffryyls)


4. The Nature Lover

Nature lovers will enjoy a trip down Sebung River and be fully immersed in the wonderful greenery that Bintan has to offer. With both day and night discovery tour options, each tour brings you an entirely different experience. In the day, one can look forward to identifying different mangrove species and spotting local wildlife such as kingfishers swooping into the river for a quick bite, or even a monitor lizard family swimming through the river.



Bintan Resorts constantly works closely with the resorts and local community to save nesting hawksbill turtles in North Bintan as part of its conservation efforts. Travelers can visit the turtle hatcheries in Nirwana Gardens, Angsana Bintan and Club Med Bintan Island to learn more about their initiatives, as well as participate in seasonal baby turtle releases.



Home to rescued and endangered wildlife, Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm offers an enriching experience for nature loving individuals. Come face-to-face with animals such as orangutans, Komodo dragons, sun bears, elephants and a 6 metre crocodile! In addition, the 2-hours guided tour allows urban dwellers to have a better understanding of the eco-cycle in the Eco Farm that houses a wide variety of seasonal tropical crops such as rice, peanuts, corn, papayas and dragonfruits.


5. The History Buff

An offshore island that is a 10 minute pompong (water taxi) ride from the main capital of Tanjung Pinang, Pulau Penyengat is known as the abode of the kings. Home to palace ruins, royal mausoleums and other sites from a bygone Riau-Lingga sultanate era, history buffs would enjoy a day with the Malay cultural and historical significance that the island possesses.



Here, you can visit the “Jewel of the Island”, Sultan of Riau’s Grand Mosque that sits regally in hues of royal yellow and green.

It is said that Senggarang Village is where the first Chinese Settlement in Bintan. The village is home to two of Bintan’s oldest temples – the Lau Ya Keng Complex and Banyan Tree Temple.



With a trio of temples residing in the Lau Ya Keng Complex, early settlers built the temples to give thanks for success in business, safe sea passage and bountiful harvests. At the Banyan Tree Temple, ancient tree roots entwine with the concrete walls of the temple in a protective embrace.


With something for every traveller, Bintan is your next vacation go to. We hope to welcome you back into Bintan again soon.