Editor’s Choice – Top 5 Favourite Photo Spots in Bintan

Best memories of a well-deserving vacation come in the form of photographs, from the amazing views to delicious cuisine, especially now when we are all itching for a long vacation. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and what better way to reminisce on a great vacation than a gallery of great photos?


Photographers and Instagram shutterbugs can look forward to making wonderful memories in Bintan. The endless range of water and land activities, wondrous landscapes brimming with nature makes it a shutterbug’s delight.


1. Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan is a shutterbug’s wildest dream with multiple picture perfect moments whether you’re travelling with your friends, family or loved ones. Ranging from the clear blue waters of Crystal Lagoon in Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan, to the tipi tents of ANMON or glamping hideaway of Natra Bintan, there’s something here for everyone.

(Photo via @ivannamagdalena)


For adrenaline addicts, get ready your go-pros or underwater cameras to document your fun-filled day of water and land activities in Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan, a 90-hectare one-stop recreational leisure hub. Spend your entire day with your travel companions and create an album of unforgettable memories with the plethora of interactive activities. 


(Photo via @shiki_shiki_shiki)


The 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon is Southeast Asia’s first and largest recreational man-made seawater lagoon. Partake in the wide range of water activities available on the perfect Instagram backdrop. Capture the golden hour between activities before unwinding the day.


(Photo via @malanita7)


Or simply take a dip in the clear azure waters of Crystal Lagoon as the sun slowly dips over the horizon.


(Photo via @currently.hannah)


If you are not staying within Treasure Bay Bintan, fret not! Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan is accessible to public guests for a small entrance fee.


(Photo via @happy.travelgirl)


For guests who are looking to immense yourselves in a 360 Insta-worthy vacation, accommodation option available include – Natra Bintan, the ultimate glamping experience and ANMON, desert themed tipi tents that will take you to Tomorrowland.


(Photo via @theanmonresortbintan)


2. Yeah! Lounge

Located right in front of Lagoi Beach, the only public access beach in Bintan Resorts, Yeah! Lounge is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of activities.



Overlooking the iconic Lagoi Bay sign from a corner of the lounge, sip on your pre-dinner drink and get your camera ready as the sun sets slowly over the swaying palm trees and gently dips into the South China Sea.


Sunset chasers, this would be the perfect panoramic spot (and view) for you!


(Photo via @futurestudioart)


Apart from this stellar sunset view, Yeah! Lounge is also littered with picture perfect spots for the gram. Well-decorated with tropical elements and hand painted wall murals, the vibrant interior and exterior décor sets the ambiance for a lovely unwinding session.


(Photo via @infoandesss)


Food photographers are in for a treat on both taste buds and camera. Yeah! Lounge offers an extensive menu from simple bar grubs to reasonably-priced fusion dishes, such as the Ayam Bakar Burger. If you prefer drinks to ease off the hot tropical climate, look no further than their signature cocktail, Cherry Boozy.


(Photo via @yeah.bintan)


Listen in on the distant rolling and crushing of the waves, or simply enjoy the sea breeze as you enjoy the sunset with my personal favourite drink in hand – Rum Punch.


(Photo via @yeah.bintan)


3. Mangrove River

Escape from the city life and indulge in an adventure back into nature. Capture endless greenery and fleeting local wildlife as you embark on the Mangrove Discovery Tour down Sebung River.


(Photo via @hashyyusof)


Sebung River is home to hundreds of wildlife and fauna species. The roots of the mangrove forest holds the soil firmly to the water bed, preventing soil erosion and safeguards the coasts of Bintan. Nature loving photographers can look forward to a tranquil photography session down the quiet river.


(Photo via @oneclickwonders)


Apart from the lush nature around you, keep an eye out for its local residents – macaques and silver leaf monkeys, mangrove snakes, monitor lizards, kingfishers and the occasional eagle. Sebung River is also home to marine life such as fishes, mud skippers, mud lobsters and more.


(Photo via @sivasusri)


The dense foliage and interconnected roots of the trees naturally give rise to a thriving community of animals and plants.


A late afternoon tour also brings about some of the most magnificent and tranquil sunset views.


(Photo via @ekiferdian19)


4. Gurun Pasir Busung & Telaga Biru

Located next to the road, Jalan Raya Busung near Tanjung Uban, Gurun Pasir Busung & Telaga Biru is easily one of the most Instagram-able spots in Bintan Island.


Once a bauxite mine, the place transformed into a magical desert-like landscape over the years due to Mother Nature’s elements. Gentle slopes with varying hues of light brown and yellow accompanied by tints of red in the sand makes Gurun Pasir Busung a photographer magnet.


(Photo via @yunius_deny)


The picturesque sand dunes instantly transport you to the dreamy landscape of the Arabian nights. Curate your next personal album cover amidst this vast and endless backdrop.


(Photo via @yosepmoro)


Explore the various photo spots against the hilly sand dunes and pockets of turquoise blue lakes for the perfect photo keepsake.


(Photo via @breeze.Sunday)


5. Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (500 Lohan Temple)

Also known as the 500 Lohan Temple, Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is one of Bintan’s best hidden treasures. Located in South Bintan, the temple is a short drive away from the main town of Tanjung Pinang.

(Photo via @instanusantara)


Step into the temple grounds and be transported into surreal settings of towering structures and the highlight—more than 500 life-sized arhat stone statues with intricate physique and facial expressions, each one unique and different from the next.


(Photo via @momanyc66)


Look through the sea of faces and try spotting famous characters such as Journey to the West’s Tripitaka or Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ Guan Gong, or try to capture as many different arhats in one shot as you can.


(Photo via @nurkholis.photography)


A great photography angle that is not commonly known is that a quick climb up the steps to the main temple building provides an amazing aerial shot of the arhats as well as a very up close and personal shot of the giant Buddha statue at the main entrance.


(Photo via @riri_lightbox)


Now that the main photography highlights of Bintan are listed, we are counting down the days till we can welcome you back onto our sunny shores again.