Panglong Village, Berakit

Located on the North-Eastern tip of Bintan Island north of Trikora Coast, Panglong Village, Berakit is home to the largest community of sea gypsies in Bintan. Also commonly referred to as Orang Laut, the sea gypsies are sea nomads who dedicate their lives at sea. At this rustic village, discover the unique way of life of the sea gypsies carried down for generations over hundreds of years. Travel back in time as the labyrinth of stilt houses throw up an interesting peek into the lifestyle of the inhabitants.


Situated right at the entrance of Panglong Village are a few preserved charcoal kilns. On top of being a fishing village, Panglong Village was also a producer of mangrove charcoal in the past, about 20 years ago before using mangrove trees to produce charcoal was banned. The charcoal kilns are preserved as part of the government’s initiative to conserve the village’s history and culture.


Currently, even though most sea gypsies have now moved to live on land, most of the them still heavily depend on the sea to make a livelihood – fishing and selling their catch of the day along with other homemade produce such as dried seafood and deep fried seafood crackers (keropok).


Spend an afternoon in Panglong Village and revel in the simplicity of life. Spot fishermen returning from the sea with their catch, fixing their nets in the comforts of their front yards or drying seafood in the open.


Panglong Village is part of the Trail of Sea Gypsies Tour.

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