Mandatory Use of BluePass Contact Tracing in Bintan Resorts


PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala (BRC) as the master development has begun to accelerate the use of BluePass within the Bintan Beach International Resorts (BBIR). Initially, the use of BluePass has been distributed only to PT BRC employees since June 2021. Now, PT. BRC has implemented the BluePass device as mandatory for all, this includes the Food Stall staff at Pujasera and Medical Personnel at the Lagoi Tourism Clinic as well.


With the wider usage of the BluePass, it is hoped to ease the Contact Tracing process if there is close contact with a person exposed to COVID-19. With the support of BluePass technology, close contact tracing can be done quickly with the close contact data received directly through data withdrawal from BluePass devices on those that are confirmed with positive COVID-19.


PT. BRC continues to expand the usage of the BluePass device to all staff working within the BBIR. This includes staff who work in Hotels, Transportation Service Providers, Government Officials such as Immigration staff, Harbourmasters, Customs, Quarantine, Police, Military, and Contractor workers.


The target for the whole distribution and usage of the BluePass device within the BBIR tourism area is planned to be completed by August 2021. This is also in line with the Government’s program to strengthen the tracing and tracking methods as well as one of the efforts to support the opening of the Safe Travel Bubble tourism cooperation between Bintan Resorts and Singapore.


Being the first tourism destination in Indonesia that implements the use of BluePass, PT. BRC strives for the implementation of BluePass to be carried out optimally and continually by educating all BluePass holders on the importance of wearing the BluePass at all times in this New Normal Era.


The Local Government of Bintan Regency also fully supports PT. BRC, who is always effortlessly adhering to strict and stern disciplinary rules in breaking the chain of the COVID-19. The procurement of the BluePass contact tracing device that has been running in Lagoi is clear evidence that PT. BRC pays attention to the importance of curbing the spread of the COVID-19 infections. At the same time, PT BRC also continually showing that the Bintan Resorts Lagoi tourism area is ready as a safe tourism destination for visitors because health and safety aspects abide with the strict and tighten health protocols are always our priority.