NEW at Lagoi Bay – Rumah Imaji!

Awaken Your Imagination And Discover Unlimited Possibilities at Rumah Imaji!

Step into an alternate realm at Rumah Imaji 3D (Imagination House) of over 50 different 3D and inverted settings in Lagoi Bay, Bintan.

Embark on a topsy-turvy experience once you set in. Be enthralled by the twinkling lights of fireflies as you stroll into Bintan’s beautiful mangrove forest. Adventure awaits at every turn. Tumble into the culture of the Riau Islands and learn about the Malay heritage. Become one with the masterpieces and recreate memorable photographs with your own unique style.

After the immersive experience, search for the perfect memento to bring home at the gift shop. Follow the fragrance of mouth-watering dishes to your next stop — affordable local delights at Lagoi Bay. Resist the temptation to dig in and feed your cameras first!

Rumah Imaji 3D Imagination House will open in the contemporary shopping complex of Plaza Lagoi in Lagoi Bay, the ‘Heart of Bintan’.