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The medical capabilities and infrastructure on Bintan Island may not be of an adequate standard as for instance Singapore hospitals and medical centres. If you need medical assistance during your stay at Bintan Resorts, please contact the Lagoi Tourism Clinic at +62 (811) 7714546. They also have the necessary procedures for emergency evacuation to Singapore. Alternatively, you could contact your hotel or the Bintan Resorts Crisis Centre at +62 (770) 691 010.

Name of Clinic (Puskesmas)Contact No.
Clinic Tourism Lagoi
Jl. Kota Kapur, Lagoi, Kec Teluk Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, 29155
+62 (811) 771 4546
Puskesmas Teluk Sebong
Jl. Duku Sungai Kecil, Kec Teluk Sebong 29152
+62 (811) 704 7646
IGD / Emergency: +62 (811) 700 6700
Puskemas Berakit
Jl. Bathin Muhammad Ali, Desa Berakit, Kec Teluk Sebong, Kab Bintan, Kep Riau Indonesia
+62 (813) 4482 5049
Puskesmas Tg. Uban
Jl. Iman Bonjol, Kampung Mentigi, Tg. Uban, Kec. Bintan Utara
IGD / Emergency: +62 (811) 7714547
Puskesmas Toa Paya
Jl. Raya Tg Uban Km 26. Kec. Toapaya
Not Available
Puskesmas Teluk Sasah
Jl. Kampung Harapan, Desa Teluk Sasah, Kec. Seri Kuala Lobam
+62 (771) 484 203 / +62 (823) 9282 6295
Puskesmas Tanjung Unggat
Tanjung Unggat, Bukit Bestari, Tanjung Pinang City
+62 (771) 313 661
Puskesmas Mekar Baru
Batu IX, East Tanjungpinang, Tanjung Pinang City
Not Available
Puskesmas Pembantu Batu 5
Jl. Sultan Sulaiman Kampung Bulang, Tanjungpinang Timur
+62 (771) 23980
Puskesmas Teluk Bintan
Jl. Tok Sadek. No: 5, Ds. Tembeling. Kec. Teluk Bintan
Not Available
Puskesmas Kawal / Gunung Kijang
Jl. Wisata Bahari Km 9. Kec. Gunung Kijang
Not Available
Puskesmas Kijang
Jl. Barek Motor No 2, Kec Bintan Timur
Not Available
Name of HospitalsContact No.
General Hospital Tg. Pinang
Jl. Sudirman No 795, Tanjungpinang Barat
+62 (771) 313 000
IGD / Emergency: Ext 1
Operator: Ext 0
RSAL Dr. Mediator Suratani Tanjungpinang
Jl. Ciptadi No. 1, Tanjungpinang Kota
+62 (771) 21428
RSUD Provinsi Kepulauan Riau Ahmad Thabib (Province Hospital Tg. Pinang)
Jl. W.R. Supratman No 100 Km 8, Kota Piring, Air Raja, Tanjungpinang Timur
+62 (771) 7335201 / +62 (812) 7581 2812
Rumah Sakit (RS) Aneka Tambang Kijang
Jl. Kesehatan C No.36, Kp. Bugis, Tanjungpinang Kota, Kota Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau 29125, Indonesia
+62 (771) 61177
RSUD Busung Tanjung Uban
(Regional Public Hospital Busung Tanjung Uban)

Jl. Indun Suri – Simpang Busung No. 1, Tanjung Uban
+62 (771) 482 655
IGD / Emergency: +62 (771) 82118
NameContact No.
Crisis Center +62 (770) 691 010
Fire Emergency +62 (770) 691 911
Resort Police +62 (813) 7125 2100
Medical Clinic +62 (811) 7714546

Medical Emergency Procedures:

The doctor of the Tourism Clinic determines if the patient requires emergency evacuation to a hospital in Bintan, Batam or Singapore. Prior to evacuation, the patient will be treated and stabilized.

  • Evacuation to Bintan Hospital

An ambulance from the Tourism clinic will evacuate the patient to the Busung District Hospital or the General Hospital in Tanjung Pinang, as determined by the medical officer.

  • Evacuation to Batam Hospital

Should the doctor decide to evacuate the patient to Rumah Sakit Awal Bros/any other hospital in Batam, arrangements will be made for a speedboat to sail out from Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal to Pelabuhan Telaga Punggur in Batam.

  • Evacuation to Singapore Hospital

Depending on the injuries sustained, patients may be required to evacuate to Singapore via the next Bintan Resorts Ferries (BRF) ferry to Tanah Merah or Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. An ambulance will be waiting in place to transport the patient to the nearest hospital in the shortest time possible.