‘Tropical Ride’ the New Cycling Event was held in Bintan Resorts


On November 20, 2021, Bintan Resorts organized a new bicycle fitness activity called Tropical Ride that took place at Lagoi Bay, within the Bintan Resorts property, at 7:00 a.m. WIB. This competition was divided into two categories: the Fun Ride category had a 15 km route and the Challenge Ride category had a 25 km route. “Tropical Ride” was named so because the participants were able to experience the wonderful views of tropical nature along the way, passing through calm lakes, natural forests, and resorts. During the 15km Fun Ride category, participants experienced very unique cycling routes that included zig zags and spot lows, which were quite a challenge for cyclists. The event was purposefully planned to increase residents’ enthusiasm for regular exercise, particularly cycling while balancing the vacation atmosphere.


A total of 300 participants participated in all categories from the various bicycle communities in Bintan Island. According to the recommendations of the Bintan Regency Covid-19 task force, participation capacity has been reached. The registration fee for this event was IDR 50,000 for the Fun Ride category, and IDR 75,000 for the Challenge Ride category. Registered participants are entitled to a participation number (BIB number), Lucky Draw vouchers with dozens of attractive prizes, mineral & isotonic water, along with food vouchers from the local SMEs in Bintan as the food and beverage providers. Participants in the Challenge Ride will be entitled to a special prize of millions of Rupiahs.


Strict health protocols were followed during the registration process. Participants must have received at least one vaccination and have a negative COVID-19 test result through the Genoese C19 / Antigen / PCR test before participating in the competition. Participants were required to comply with the 3T protocol during the competition (wearing masks all the time, maintaining physical distance, and washing their hands regularly). In addition, the flag-off process was divided by group (25 – 30 participants/group) with 5-minute intervals to prevent crowding. In addition, the start area was sterilized before the race started by spraying disinfectant.


The Tropical Ride cycling event was expected as one of the iconic additions to the annual sporting activities in Bintan Resorts, which aims to reconnect cyclists with a healthy environment and fun atmosphere, to revive and increase the number of visitors to the Bintan Resorts, as well as helping the community economy through the Local Bintan SMEs.


Abdul Wahab, Group General Manager of Bintan Resorts stated that “This event is part of routine sports activities in Bintan Resorts. BRC is proud to be able to organize a cycling sports activity named Tropical Ride by implementing strict health protocols starting from the registration process until the end of the Event”.


The Event Organizer hopes that the changes in trends and lifestyles during the pandemic have created many communities to enjoy cycling. This event is a magnet to attract and enthuse these communities to bring their gear to the Bintan Resorts on top of their recreation and vacation trip, as we have been well-known as a Sports Destination.