Mangrove River

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Project Description

Be ready for a visual and gastronomical treat as you take a boat ride down the Mangrove River of Bintan, also known as Sebung River. Dine in restaurants on wooden stilts known as kelongs, and relish at freshly caught seafood of the day.

Sebung River is home to hundreds of wildlife and fauna species. Spot a kingfisher hunting its next meal on the tranquil waters, listen carefully to the different monkey calls from within the thick mangrove forest and observe as the local fishermen go about their daily routines. Marvel at the blanket of twinkling stars or panoramic sight of mangroves as you feast on the seafood spread prepared with Indonesian flavours and sip on fresh fruit juices.

Hutan Bakau Seafood Restaurant

Other than being a Kelong restaurant, Hutan Bakau Seafood Restaurant also offers camping facilities for adventurous folks looking to stay a night or two amongst the mangroves.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday
10:00am – 7:00pm
Hari Raya Idul Fitri: Closed

+62 (812) 7099 5166
+62 (813) 6464 2151


Kampoeng Kelong Seafood Restaurant

With a roomy seating of up to 200 pax, Kampoeng Kelong is the absolute outdoor dining experience for city dwellers. Savour the freshest of local seafood treats in the serenity of mangroves.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday
10:30am – 9:00pm

+62 (812) 6669 1560
+62 (852) 7844 4678



Kelong Mangrove Restaurant

Built on wooded stilts along the Sebung River, Kelong Mangrove Restaurant offers a dining experience of asian- and local-styled seafood cuisine in the tranquil mangroves.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday
10:00am – 10:00pm

+62 (21) 7314 9899
+62 770 691 818