Plaza Lagoi

Located in the new ‘heart’ of Bintan, Plaza Lagoi is a contemporary and modern two-storey shopping mall designated as a one-stop retail, F&B and entertainment hub for Bintan Resorts. Plaza Lagoi is accessible via a complimentary shuttle bus service that travel to-and-from properties of Bintan Resorts and Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.


Interact with up to 50 optical illusions, hand-painted by local artists from Yogyakarta, for a fun photo session at Rumah Imaji. Tumble into the culture of the Riau Islands and learn about the Malay heritage at Bintan’s very own Trick Eye Museum. Share your masterpieces on social media and take your followers on a fascinating trip of surreal poses.


Relax and wind down from an array of spa options including NiBBana Health Massage & Spa, Mollinda Spa or Bintan Ladies Spa, all of which are conveniently available at the mall’s ground floor. Visit the Love Lock with your cherished other and hang a padlock to seal romantic island memories. Head over to Lagoi Bay Lantern Park for colossal lantern displays of sea creatures and endangered land species such as Sumatran Elephant and Komodo Dragon. Alternatively, you may choose to hop on an odong odong, a manually driven cycling car with colorful twinkling lights and explore the premises of Plaza Lagoi.


Whet your taste-buds with the dining options at Plaza Lagoi. Choose from an array of cuisine like hamburgers or Nasi Goreng at Helo Helo Cafe, delectable seafood at Idola Café & Resto, or a street food snack at Food ★gram. For local delights, head to Lamak Basamo, where you can experience Hidang-styled Nasi Padang – dishes are laid out in individual plates and you pick whatever your stomach craves for. Dine by the setting sun at Warung Yeah! and savour signature local Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Tahu Goreng (Fried Beancurd) and Fried Getuk (tapioca balls with coconut flakes). Enjoy traditional Malay delights such as Ikan Bakar (grilled fish coated with sweet soy sauce) and Otak Otak (barbequed seasoned fish paste in banana leaves) at Waroeng Cek Bakar’s Masakan Khas Melayu.


Tread along the shores of the 3.5km-long Lagoi Beach and watch the vermillion sun dip beyond the horizon; or stroll along a serene freshwater lake at Lake Lagoi fringed with tropical rain forest. Get your catch-of-the-day at Lagoi Bay Fishing Farm, and have it prepared to your liking at the adjoining Danau Cafe.


Fret not about heading home empty-handed as one surely will find Indonesian souvenirs, fashion apparel and daily necessities available for purchase at Plaza Lagoi. There are also amenities such as public prayer facilities, baggage drop-off area, shower and changing facilities, money changer, tourist information booth, as well as a tour booking centre.


If you have some time for some exploration beyond the boundaries of your resort, hop on the next shuttle bus and visit Plaza Lagoi.


Plaza Lagoi Mall Directory

  • Block A
Bintan GalleryA #01-12 +62 (823) 1937 0025
Bintan Ladies SpaA #01-06/07 +62 (852) 6510 3338 / +62(852) 6510 5558
Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF)A #01-08/09
BRC ToursA #01-08/09 +62 (770) 692 917 / +62 (770) 692 918
Food ★gram +62 (770) 692 917 / +62 (770) 692 918
Helo Helo CafeA #01-01/02 +62 (770) 692 201 / +62 (856) 656 2545
Mollinda SpaA #01-17/18 +62 (852) 7229 1953
Oleh-Oleh Minimart & Money ChangerA #01-19 +62 (812) 7066 202
Rumah ImajiA #02-08/09 +62 (770) 692 917 / +62 (770) 692 918
YEAH!A #01-13/14 +62 (813) 6536 1236
Pasaraya ButikA #01-15/16 +62 (813) 7807 5356
  • Block B
Bintan Batik IndonesiaB #01-18 +62 (838) 0122 6594
Idola CafeB #01-19 +62 (852) 7111 6087
Ni Ayu GalleryB #01-09 +62 (813) 7215 4094
NiBBana Health Massage & SpaB #01-02/03 +62 (882) 8438 4310
Polo Ralph LaurenB #01-04/05 +62 (812) 6198 1569
Style WarehouseB #01-01 +62 (812) 7063 6686
Sweet HouseB #01-06 epivaniavinonita@gmail.com
Toys & AccessoriesB #01-11 +62 (812) 7070 5188


Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday

*Individual stores have varied operating hours


Add: Jl. Gurindam Duabelas, Teluk Sebong Lagoi Bintan Utara, 29155, Kepulauan Riau – Indonesia

Tel: +62 (770) 692 917 / +62 (770) 692 918

Fax: +62 (770) 692 919

Email: foplazalagoi@brc.co.id