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Project Description

The township of Kota Sebung is a haven for local eats. Satisfy those hunger pangs and cravings beyond the comfort zone of the resorts. Take a food trip to Pujasera Food Centre for a pleasant surprise. The food centre is home to the most famous Nasi Padang in all of Bintan – Lamak Basamo, which serves in Hidang style, with dishes laid out in individual plates and charging only what was consumed. Try out other local delights like Indomie Goreng or Goreng Pisang. While you are at Pujasera, explore the vicinity for provision shops, where you can purchase daily necessities, snacks and local SIM cards at affordable prices. If you are in the mood for a seafood spread, head over to Restaurant Kampoeng Nelayan located just across, where live seafood are served in a variety of styles.

Pujasera Food Centre

The Pujasera Food Centre is where one finds pocket-friendly local eats in a hawker style setting.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday
7:00am – 12:00am

Restaurant Kampoeng Nelayan

Select your preferred live seafood of choice at Restaurant Kampoeng Nelayan and dine in the cooler comforts of air-conditioning. Take your pick from various cooking styles and have your hand-picked seafood cooked in your preferred way.

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday
10:00am – 10.00pm

+62 (770) 692 890
+62 (770) 692 889